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Fair Food Forager does not list just anyone! 

You have great food, that goes without saying, what else should we know?

Integrity in regard to Sustainability claims is what makes us different to other food listing platforms. 

To ensure trust is maintained it is a requirement of all Premium Listings that they complete the following Sustainability Audit before an Icon can be added to a listing. (We appreciate your time is valuable, but a few minutes letting us know about you and your efforts allows us to better craft the details of your listing)

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REDUCED PLASTIC initiatives.


FOOD WASTE strategies.

CRUELTY FREE / VEGAN options & products are available and clearly displayed as such

VEGETARIAN: Vegetarian options & products are available and clearly displayed as such.

HOMEMADE: Items have been made on the premises, or created ‘from scratch’ by a member of staff and where possible using ethically grown/produced/sourced ingredients & components.

SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD: Australian Wild Caught (AWC) / Australian Farmed (AF)

CHEMICAL FREE: Including Items certified “Organic” by one or more of the following bodies.

LOCAL PRODUCE: In order to reduce “food miles” a concerted effort is made to source fresh local produce.

ETHICALLY PRODUCED: A significant percentage of ingredients and products have been sourced from producers & suppliers that avoid practices that exploit people, animals or the planet

CHARITABLE: A percentage of products or profits are donated to a Not For Profit organisation or given directly to individuals/groups ‘in need’.

GLUTEN FREE - Offering gluten free options.

FAIR WORK - Paying staff correctly in a friendly and equitable workplace.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has".
Margaret Mead

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